Why is Cheddy García trending on social media?

The actress and comedian Cheddy García is a trend on social networks, after posting a video on her Instagram account where she mistakenly shows more, which she denied was on purpose.

In the clip that was later removed from her profile, the comedian is seen jumping and laughing while inadvertently showing a breast.

The video has gone viral on social networks with thousands of comments, some in favor and others against.

“What happened was that I am making a video and it came out, it came out and I on the same Instagram to upload it, I edited it and I took off the piece, but it was copied just the same, and what I’m walking is rulay, it got on like that, after a while the juidero “, explained the actress.

Cheddy said that” I’m not going to erase it and I did not delete it because it makes me angry and helpless to see how people use something where there is no evil to put the evil that it does not have “.

Then he insisted:” I do not need to get naked to look for viú or pa Na, I look for saw In a thousand ways, it is a resource that I do not need, I am not desperate, I do not have my rooms, the one who is desperate doing all that stuff is because he needs money, I have my chelitos to live “.

Prior to that video, the “humor mom” had posted a message: “I try to be happy every day and without pause. I live free like a bird. Things happen to me, very funny, but I see them differently from the human being ´Normal´. Perhaps I am “abnormal or different” that is also valid. haters do not suffer with what I enjoy … Someday they will get tired, I hope ”.

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