They will purify the cathedral of Toledo after controversial video of C. Tangana and Peluso

The controversy over the recording in the cathedral of Toledo (central Spain) of the video clip of the bachata “Ateo”, performed by the Spanish C. Tangana and Argentina Nathy Peluso , continues and the archbishop of the city, Francisco Cerro Chaves, has announced that he will purify the temple next Sunday, in a day that it will also serve to “repair sins”.

The interior of the primate cathedral of Toledo served as the setting for “Atheist”, a video in which the man from Madrid and Argentina meet at the inside the religious temple and begin to dance the song before the fearful and expectant gaze of religious who spy on them between the columns.

The recording, loaded with sensual scenes, had been allowed by the Cabildo of the cathedral and justified by the dean, Juan Miguel Ferrer, understanding that presented “the story of a conversion through human love.”

In a letter, Ferrer acknowledges that it is true that the video uses “provocative visual language”, but “does not affect faith” , he points out. However, after the controversy, he apologizes in case “some people could dislike” or hurt their sensitivity.

After the publication of the video clip last Friday, which has been going on for more than 4 , 6 million views on YouTube, the Archbishop of Toledo, Francisco Cerro Chaves, contradicted the dean and “deeply” regretted the recording, in addition to apologizing to the faithful for the “improper use” of a sacred place.

Some faithful also wanted to express their disagreement by concentrating last night in front of the cathedral, carrying candles, to pray the rosary as an “act of reparation”.

Below the video musical:

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