The thousand and one tanganas of Antón Álvarez before the video clip of “Ateo”

As in his last video clip, in which he dances provocatively in the cathedral of Toledo, Antón Álvarez made evident his fondness for controversy and irreverence from the day he chose an alias to promote his solo musical career with the conflict printed in the surname, C. Tangana.

This Madrid-born graduate in Philosophy, and who began his career in 2006 as part of the collective of hip hop Agorazein, first chose the pseudonym of Crema to break through in the field of “freestyle”.

After a low five that identity and the premise of beginning to diversify his music, partly inspired by the approaches of artists such as the Canadian Drake, would reappear as C. Tangana with a self-titled album that garnered both praise and criticism.

I kept the C. for Crema and Tangana because of the idea of ​​conflict, of disorderly fight. That album explained that idea very well, because A year arose in which I was left without vacations in Madrid, in which I wanted to do things in music, but in which I saw that I could not grow, “he told Efe.

His was one of the most famous “beefs” (dispute, in the world of rap) in the national sphere, the one he maintained with the duo Los Chikos del Maíz regarding his change of style and his affiliation to a fashion company.

“Sometimes polemics pay off. Something bad personally can turn out to be something good professionally: a bad day in life is a good day to write “ , commented on that first great controversy that, indeed, contributed more to its” mediatization “.

It would not be long before his musical turn took him to the path of the urban Latin with “Mala mujer”, his first big hit, number 1 on the list. worldwide of Spotify’s viral hits and, shortly after, to reveal the name of his album “Idol” through huge posters that covered entire facades and shamelessly emulated the egotism of music giants.

” I realized that I was building a figure, patterns of excesses, exaltation of power, individualism, ambition in a very competitive context … “, he explained to Efe in 2017 after its launch, carried out by the way exclusively in digital format in a bid to the traditional uses of big industry.

It had already become a controversial name, both by the female butts exhibited in the video clip for “Bad Woman” and by headlines such as “I am neither sexist nor feminist; I am a transsexual “, an outburst in the middle of an interview that he has always denied.

” Being accused directly of being a macho is as if they asked you if you are a Nazi, a murderer or a pedophile. It means that you think the woman is inferior to you. It is an aberration “, he would defend himself, which did not prevent the Bilbao festivities of 2019 from canceling their performance due to their supposed macho lyrics and opening a debate that divided society.

Álvarez, who has always defended that artists should not be “the owners of morality” and that all speeches should be put into question, responded in networks that “censoring and prohibiting is not the way to educate “.

In between, during an appearance at Primavera Sound, he had not bit his tongue when he went out to defend the rapper Valtonyc, who was facing charges of insults to the Crown:” The king is I, the king is an asshole, the king’s mother eats my balls, the one they now call queen was a TV presenter, and that’s what it still is for me, and they put me in jail too ” .

It was difficult to know what was true or imposed in his speech, including what affected his personal life and how he transferred it to his music , if consciously or to make profitable an excessive attention to each of his movements, especially those that had to do with his ex-partner, Rosalía.

“The music that moves me is the one that speaks from me, but if I didn’t take it as a joke, I wouldn’t be able to do it “, the artist once acknowledged who achieved enormous success with the recent song” You stopped loving me “, for many dedicated to the Catalan; Not in vain was an actress hired for the video clip that remembered her appearance.

In an interview with Rockdelux magazine she denied it, but in her response there were also many who understood that she missed her Rosalía: “The obsession with her right now is so great, the debate between the pink sauce with the presence it has, the impact it has had and all that … I mean, quoting Rosalía right now is extremely boring. It’s like, no I know, I like coca cola, well very good. It was cool four years ago when nobody knew it. Is scandal the result of a twisted interpretation of the one who receives it? Many of his most recent manifestations have had to submit to that question, such as when he was accused of classism for the video of “Fácil”, in the who spills a bottle of champagne to the bewilderment of a cleaner.

Also when this summer she posed (supposedly spontaneously) to promote her c Anion “Yacht” on the deck of one of these boats surrounded by women in provocative attitudes, many recognized empowered figures such as actress Ester Exposito or actress Hiba Abouk. He was accused of surrounding himself with a “harem”.

The last episode of this string of “tanganas” has led the dean of Toledo Cathedral to resign after allowing him to record his video clip “Atheist” , who snubbed a sector of the population for his dances with Nathy Peluso, which are followed with expectation by several religious, and for a moment in which he pulls the artist’s hair, a gesture that, according to both In networks, it reproduces on the other hand the iconography exhibited in many Catholic churches.

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