Tactics and strategy in the music business

The tactic is the way to achieve a goal. The strategy is the goal itself. In the music business, these two concepts are lost in space and time, since the results are sought in the immediacy of the processes.

Like any company, the three legs on which the music business rests are production, broadcasting and marketing, where international parameters place profitability in the equation 1-3-2, that is, for every peso that I spend on production, I must invest 3 in promotion and 2 in marketing.

At the present time, the tactic to reposition the meringue does not find a place in that context.

It is not true that the difficult situation our genre is going through is due to lack of dissemination.

The strategy is to activate the possible vantage point of our genre with respect to the fashionable rhythm, urban music.

In production, the urban has an advantage in costs and connection with the public.

For each merengue song produced, three dembow or reggaeton songs can be made and the connection with their fans is musical and cultural.

In the first one, with few harmonic demands -melodic and in the second with a language according to their educational levels. For them, music is fun, not philosophy.

In diffusion, the advantage of the urban is abysmal because it has more traditional media and an absolute domain of networks.

Radio and television are aimed at obtaining economic benefits, where tropical music ceased to be everyone’s business to be the satisfaction of some and profitability of a few.

That is the cause of the appearance and development of talk shows, which have become the supporters of radio-television programming.

+ The advantage

In marketing is where I think the advantage of meringue is, because there is a certain balance, with mastery of the urban in the demand but advantage of the meringue in the offer.

The rates of the main urban figures are unattainable for the owners of entertainment businesses and, as happened with the merengue, it will no longer be profitable for the show business.

If the main merengueros make a “Join Venture” with the business owners of premises, where both parties reduce rates and prices of beverages, the public would massively support artistic activities and return the stellarity of our music.

The “Join Venture” is a short- or medium-term temporary strategic association, in an alliance of people or groups of companies that maintain their individuality and legal independence, but that act together under the same management and rules, to carry out an operation of common benefit.

In this case, this action would be carried out until November (3 months), it would be released in December and could be resumed in January, until the effects of the pandemic and the subsequent crisis are reduced

Although the spread of merengue is pyrrhic, we have to bring the concepts of production and marketing, of being trains that collide head-on with wagons that walk in parallel.

That is, make a commercial record production with acceptable promotion, but excellent marketing. Success is assured.

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