Sex, feminism and open emotions, this is the new series about Sisi

The time has also come for Empress Sisi to renew herself. “Sisi”, the new German series premiered this Monday at Canneseries, wants to adapt the story to the new generations by opening the myth to debates such as feminism, the management of emotions and a freer sexuality.

The series will be distributed in Spanish by Disney + and consists of a first season of six episodes, although this same Monday its renewal for a second season was announced.

In Cannes, where it is screened tonight in within the framework of the Canneseries festival and the Mipcom market, it has been selected as one of the great novelties of the television season, although it is out of competition.

The question that the team has heard the most since began the promotion is: Why a new Sisi?

The myth of the years 50 starring Romy Schneider and turned into a family classic in many countries, had for the creators too many clichés, hence they wanted to make a darker version but also more fantasy sa and stripped of taboos.

“We have taken some liberties to turn history into fiction. We hold on to the big points. There are many scenes that show things that did not happen but they help us to give more strength to the characters ”, German director Sven Bohse explains to EFE.

For him, the series is an adventure story and not a historical biopic that seeks accuracy.

Neither the twentieth century trilogy nor the harshness with which this character struck the actress Romy Schneider have been an obstacle for the Swiss Dominique Devenport, from 25 years, who now embodies the role of Isabel de Baviera (1837 – 1898).

“Never I saw it as a problem, nor was I scared. We do not want to reinterpret Sisi but to provide a new vision. I was happy to be able to play such an important character. Schneider lived through a tragedy, but I don’t see any connection with me “, says the interpreter.

The series, produced by Story House Pictures, Beta Film and Satel Film, begins with the adolescent Sisi masturbating in her bed , a scene that sets the tone for this reinterpretation of the historical character, more focused on the character of the characters and the difficulties they experienced.

Political conflicts complete the narrative discourse, with battles at the most pure style “Game of Thrones” (“Game of Thrones”), along with the Machiavellian calculations of the court of Vienna.

“Political issues and wars have a meaning because they explain why Francisco José was absent and left his new wife alone in the palace, which was the origin of all his problems, which changed her as a woman ”, says German actor Jannick Schüemann, in the shoes of the Austro-Hungarian emperor.

There may be those who come out disappointed in this new version loaded with feminism, of me feminine character, political failures and the difficult decisions that the emperor couple will face.

For those who, on the other hand, are fooled by the romantic tone of the first two episodes, Bohse warns: “The series takes a very dark turn.”

This first season, shot in Lithuania and Latvia and focused on the couple’s first four years, ends with the death of their daughter, Sofía , another of the reasons that are transforming the character of Sisi, which Schüemann describes as “the Lady Di of the 19th century.”

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