Patty Moll renews musical proposal with “Mejor pa 'los 2”

The young Dominican singer and songwriter Patty Moll presents her new musical proposal, “Mejor pa ‘los 2”, a song that mixes the pop ballad with an urban beat, composed by Carlos Julián Martínez and produced by La encyclopedia musical.

“This is a piece that tells the story of the breakup of a couple and the decision of one of the parties to end the toxic scheme in order to heal wounds and accept that Everything is what it seems, that sometimes relationships do not work and that it is important to know how to get away and put self-love above any circumstance “, said Patty about” Better for the 2 “.

Likewise, the audiovisual, directed by Manny Paulino from ManiFilm, proposes a behind the scenes and the production of a television program, with the intention of projecting the parallel reality that many artists live on the fact of pretending that everything is fine in their lives, before the public, to maintain a good image, while that on the other side of the coin the sensitivity of the artist is perceived from a personal aspect.

In addition, Patty is working on the production of her new studio album that she would be premiering for the 2022 and which comes loaded with a lot of energy, quality lyrics and music.

“I feel ready to continue working hard and continue to conquer the hearts of lovers of good music around the world,” she added.

The artist made some collaborations that were released in the midst of the pandemic, such as “A mi modo”, with Rosaly Rubio, and “Hechicera”, with Merlis Camilo.

He is currently working on the selection of singles that seeks to include in that first album, which aims to highlight female empowerment, love, heartbreak and stories that identify many hearts.

The single “Mejor pa ‘los 2” is available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, among others.

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