Nelson Javier: “I am free of covid”, calls to be vaccinated because whoever gets it “has death near”

With a smile on his face, Nelson Javier “El Cocodrilo” exclaimed that he is free of the coronavirus, but called on his followers to get vaccinated because “whoever is suffering from covid has death near.”

At the beginning of the audiovisual, the veteran communicator began by saying that he was in more spirits: “I come from the Pedro Jorge Blanco laboratory (in Santiago de los Caballeros). Right now the results are totally negative.”

Then he called on his people to protect themselves: “I want to tell you the following, get vaccinated, think of you, this will save your life and your loved ones. My family, my wife and my son have gone through a scare, that you have not they imagine, they cannot imagine. This is terrible. Whoever is suffering from covid has death near. “

The host of the” Nelson Show “thanked God, his family, his doctors and to the Dominican people for their prayers and love.

Last Monday Nelson Javier reported that he, his wife Loly and their son Nelson Luis were with infected with covid. It was not clear if they are also free of the virus, but he always spoke in the plural and said: “We are free from Covid.”

“El Cocodrilo” currently produces and hosts the television programs “El Nelson’s Show ”, which airs from Monday to Friday at 12: 00 at noon on Teleunión, channel 16, as well as “Buena Noche”, which is broadcast on Teleuniverso, channel 29, from 8: 00 to 10: 00 at night, from Monday to Friday.

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