Nelson Javier, his wife and a son are infected with covid

Santo Domingo. RD

Nelson Javier (El Cocodrilo) announced that his wife, his son and he suffer from covid, he encouraged the population to get vaccinated and asked for prayers for the health of the family.

“Both Nelson Luis my son and my wife and a server, Nelson Javier, are suffering from covid,” said the veteran communicator from Santiago de los Caballeros.

Then he added: “Unfortunately we never thought that this could reach our family in this way, but it reached the three of us together.”

The television presenter urged his followers “to get vaccinated, to have their masks, this is terrible, our family has experienced it firsthand.”

Javier commented that on Tuesday he will go to a medical consultation to check the condition of the three, “let’s see luckily and God willing, this does not persist in us”.

His request: “Pray for us to make this possible, we will be there soon if God allows it in our programs.”

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