Myriam Hernández: “Everyone who uses their networks as they wish”

Myriam Hernández speaks with pride of her family and marriage with her manager, Jorge Saint-Jean, whom she married 29 years ago , when she was 27 years old.

Her son Jorge Ignacio, from 27, has dedicated herself to advertising and her daughter Myriam Isadora is a legal professional.

“My husband and I we have dedicated to my art, and my children, of whom I am very proud, have started their lives each one on their own, which makes me very happy, because they have been able to choose the things they like to do, “she said in her Telephone conversation with the editors of LISTÍN DIARIO.

Four years ago the Chilean singer was in the Dominican Republic on vacation with her entire family. Now he will return, this time for two concerts, on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November, at 8: 30 at night, at the Theater Nacional Eduardo Brito, in Santo Domingo.

“It is always wonderful to return to a country that I love its food, its beaches and its people,” said the interpreter of “It smells like danger.”

+ Her current tour

The artist resumed her “Sinergia” tour in eleven cities in the United States in October with Crowded performances from an audience from all over Latin America, who have loved her songs since its inception.

Myriam will continue her tour of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Here will have the closing of the tour, a concert to which it will arrive loaded with its musical successes, but this time with new arrangements and a team of 25 people who travel with her.

“They have been indescribable encounters, each concert as if it had been the first time, the joy of seeing each other and singing with my audience all my songs is really wonderful”, the Chilean expounded during an interview.

+ News

“Sinergia ”Is the new album, composed of 11 songs produced by Jacobo Calderón, son of Juan Carlos Calderón, with whom he recorded his third album in 1992.

As revealed, the record company continues its line of singing to love in different rhythms.

The artist waited ten years to release her next album, for which she has collected and accumulated experiences, but without losing the essence of the traditional ballad, although she surprises with more pop songs and more current sounds.

Regarding the selection, the name “Synergy” is precisely because there was a synergy between her and Jacobo from day one they started working. The artist recalls that the first song that came to her completely fell in love with her.

The first single is titled “Hasta ahora”, which talks about female empowerment, a message that the Chilean singer wishes to convey: “That feminine power that helps women to get out of where they are, from a toxic relationship or domestic violence. I considered it important to help with a musical message. ”

Myriam wants to leave her mark, and that is the message she leaves with her recent single. “It has been very well received by many women who have written to me on Instagram with very nice messages saying that they liked the song a lot and that it has helped them,” he said.

However, the new ones rhythms of the urban genre in many of his lyrics denigrate women. On the subject, he stated that he is not the one to judge the urban exponents who interpret this type of letter, with which he would never agree.

Nor does he share the modality of being exhibited on social networks to promote his figure above his music.

“I respect everyone who uses their networks as they wish, in my case I use them to promote my music or some special moment with my family and my pets”, assured.

The positive. On his return, perceiving the effects of the lights on stage, singing his great musical successes for his audience and receiving the joy of the sensation of applause has been very healing for both Myriam Hernández and him. public after more than a year of confinement, as a result of the covid pandemic – 19.

The negative. There were also moments of anxiety and nervousness. It was a new tour, which includes, in addition to his well-known songs, songs from his most recent album “Sinergia”.

“They were unquestionably very difficult moments with this issue of the pandemic, without Yet getting together through music has been very healing. It is wonderful to go back on stage, to receive the applause from the public, I think the people have felt it in the same way ”, reveals the interpreter of such well-known songs as“ The man that I love ”,“ Oh love ”,“ You are ” and “A secret man”.

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