MrJaquem, the young man who bets on comedy

Comedians stand out for their characters that generate a revolution in the public, positioning them so that they can create good content, that is the case of Mr.Jaquem, a young man who bets to give everything he has in comedy , bringing unique and very novel proposals that have permeated the public’s taste, with characters such as Minerva la Guazumera and El Viejo Mao.

MrJaquem, who studied business administration, has known how to make the most of the existence of digital media, using social networks as a resource to make their content and expose their characters, after several unsuccessful attempts to seek employment in their area.

“By not getting a job in my area of ​​study After so many attempts, because I learn to create audiovisual content for the networks, with which I currently find my daily bread, ”he explained in a press release.

With Carasaf, his mentor, has been in a relationship for several years , which has given him the opportunity to stand out in the media and achieve position.

“We moved to the capital of a Monte Plata field known as La Guazuma, in Peralvillo. I was 10 years old when we moved, and there I met Carasaf, we were neighbors and we became more than brother friends, we acted together in dramatizations of the Catholic Church in the neighborhood ”, added Mr.Jaquem.

Noting that his empiricism in acting has been forged together with Carasaf Sánchez, he expressed that he has also achieved it by searching for useful information on YouTube or reading a book, to be able to nourish himself.

“The truth is that I would not have achieved anything but I would have taken the advice and support that Carasaf Sánchez gave me and gives me,” he said.

Mr.Jaquem inherited from his father the make people laugh with his occurrences, and definitely, over the years he has perfected every day more in comedy and the creation of audiovisual content for social networks, as he ensures that practice and discipline make perfect.

Little by little it has been creating its “own niche”, and has been able to feel its success, because thousands of people They love what he does, and how he does it, staining a distinctive stamp towards others, using a colloquial and fresh language, which includes gestures in his unique and creative characters.

One of his characters The most significant of SrJaquem is Minerva la Guazumera, since she was the one with whom she stood out and managed to get out “from working in the call center taking calls.”

With Minerva, who apart from being a familiar character who can be consumed by almost all citizens, regardless of the country, the language used only by adults can understand, “but children laugh at the way they act and the situations that happen to them.”

He assured that making a person laugh is the most difficult thing that exists, so that has been his greatest challenge, however, he always goes further.

MrJaquem, through your videos you search transmit a positive and educational message, because he sees that every day more society is in constant degradation, and considers that his au diovisuales “can help improve that.”

You can follow him on social networks: Instagram: SrJaquem, Facebook: SrJaquem, YouTube: SrJaquem, Twitter: SrJaquem and contact Tel .: 829 – 546 – 2726.

About SrJaquem

SrJaquem is a young entrepreneur from Monte Plata, specifically from La Guazuma, in Peralvillo. He graduated from Business Administration, with honors from the Catholic University of Santo Domingo.

SrJaquem is an acronym for his real name, Juan Alberto Quezada Mueses, where he only added “Sr” as Sir.

Not finding a job in his area of ​​study, after so many attempts, he learned to create audiovisual content for the networks, which has served as sustenance to find his daily bread.

Day by day, Mr.Jaquem looks for a way to continue pleasing the public with new content and at the forefront of the times.

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