Milagros Germán promises to cover all cultural areas

Milagros Germán was sworn in as Minister of Culture on Monday morning, a position to which she arrives promising that she will assume it “with great passion, enthusiasm, humility, but with integrity and with a sense of responsibility to all tests”.

“La Diva” was appointed by the Executive Power with the decree 544 – 21, in replacement of Carmen Heredia, who had held the position since August 2020. Previously, the communicator had served as Director of Communications and spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic.

At the ceremony, held in the lobby of the Ministry of Culture headquarters, the first lady of the Republic, Raquel Arbaje, and Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, among other personalities of the country’s public, political and cultural life.

In the swearing-in speech, Germán stated that when President Luis Abinader called her to be part of his government, she was afraid. Of course, not enough to decline the offer. “I confess that I was scared, but I also felt challenged, and I accepted, knowing that I was assuming the most sacred commitment,” said the communicator.

In pandemic

Milagros Germán takes the lead of this ministry in a period as special as the one represented by the Covid pandemic – 19, that although the restrictions have been relaxed, in fact, the day he comes to office the curfew ends, cultural activities continue to be one of the areas of society most affected.

The pandemic meant that, for example, the carnival was not celebrated, and the International Book Fair, which should have taken place in April, is scheduled for the next months of the year , hoping that most of the country’s population is vaccinated.

Despite this, the new minister’s speech was optimistic and positive, and she promised to do a great job at the head of the entity . “There will be no branch of culture to which my management does not pay its full attention, because that is my purpose, that we Dominicans feel proud of belonging to a country that makes culture and exposes it to the world as an added value to everything. what already represents us ”, said Germán, and that he will work with all sectors with the intention of changing“ the perception of weakness and abandonment that permeates the cultural environment. ”

Invites to work

Germán called all those who are involved in cultural activities to work to strengthen the ministry, doing so more institutionalized.

“We have the human capital to do it. There are many challenges ahead, all aimed at transforming cultural administration and management. Count on me, I come here to be your ally, I am here to serve you, the government, the country and my people who have always supported me ”, concluded the new Minister of Culture.

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