Mexican Marissa Mur and Dominican Gabriel Pagán join forces in merengue

Marissa Mur, one of the young Mexican artists who has been growing in the recording industry, and the Dominican singer-songwriter Gabriel Pagán recorded the song “Dulce pa ‘mi”, a collaboration in merengue that featured the production of the winner of multiple Latin Grammy Awards, Alan Saucedo.

“It’s incredible how she (@marissamur_), without having any ties to the Dominican culture, is making merengue, and a very well made meringue”, expressed Gabriel Pagán .

“Dulce pa ‘mi”, a composition by Marissa Mur and Alberto Arcas that was recorded in Miami and mixed in Puerto Rico, is in the Top Twenty of the songs most played on the radio in Dominican Republic, according to Monitor Latino.

The video clip, directed by Antonio Roma, was shot in Mexico with performances by Javier Boggiano and Laila Lourenzo.

“ The reaction of the public has been very good on digital platforms, and what is interesting about this is the fine texture that Marissa Mur added to it. ega at our own pace. The cool thing is that we have fully connected and we are collaborating to push this song to grow ”, Gabriel Pagán highlighted about Marissa, with whom he was seen at Premios Soberano.

This collaboration is part of the work that Gabriel has been doing to expand the meringue to other markets, such as Mexico and Colombia. “I want the meringue to be nurtured with other cultures, to involve young artists who have new ideas to continue injecting our essence into their audience that does not consume meringue and do not know our rhythm, to continue sowing that Dominican seed”, he specified.

Gabriel announced that “I have put triple the time into the study, the compositions, the new collaborations and the moorings that we are doing, totally thinking of expanding what merengue is, expanding what it is. my life project, and take the rhythm of the güira and the tambora to where few people have taken it. ”

With this in mind, he has great projects for next year, including the album“ Morisoñando Vol. 2 ”, which would open his long-awaited concert tour, and a solo album.

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