Maluma thanks to be alive, affirms he saves himself from dying in a plane crash

Maluma is alive to tell about it. According to him, he was saved from dying in a plane crash. The Colombian singer explained that before he took a flight in a private plane, another one left in which unfortunately the passengers died after having an accident.

His story: “Before coming to Orlando there were a plane accident before mine, which unfortunately, all the passengers died and I want to dedicate this moment to those people who were on that plane because perhaps, suddenly, they saved my life. ”

The urban interpreter appreciated being able to have the fortune to stay alive and do what he likes the most: singing.

He also encouraged those present to express their love to their loved ones: “I hope Let it not be too late to tell you how much I love you and you too take that advice, if you have that person that you love so much, tell her at this moment how much you love her, hug her, because maybe tomorrow is too late. ”

Maluma is in the middle of his tour” Papi Juancho Maluma World Tour “, the most ambitious and “Safe” of the new post-pandemic era.

In order to create a “safe” experience, the artist and his team have designed a stage that will be installed in the center of the venues where he will sing, including the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York and The Forum in Los Angeles.

“It is a perfect configuration that allows us to adjust everything, it depends on what is happening,” he said, as they are pending that it is necessary to resume some restrictions to contain the contagion of covid – 19.

Before what is happening with the increase in cases, “we stay connected with the team and very pending,” he added.

However, he remains convinced that the time has come to do live shows, “with kisses on stage and everything. “

” Of course, only to the fans who can show that they are vaccinated, “he stressed.

” Since all this began, I I’ve released two records and I’m desperate to sing the songs nes with the people ”, he stated, in relation to the albums“ Papi Juancho ”(2020) and“ 7 Días en Jamaica ”(2021 ).

The first contains his hit “Hawaii”, one of the most important of his career and which debuted at the top of the world list 200 Billboard, one of the most popular songs worldwide, with the exception of the United States.

In addition, it promotes its new song, “Sobrio”, an urban ballad composed by Maluma, Édgar Barrera, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz, Alejandro Robledo, Filly Andrés Lima and Lenin Yorney Palacios, whose video has gathered 37 million views in three weeks.


A day before the talk with Maluma, the organizers of the historic concert in Central Park “We Love New York: The Homecoming Concert” announced that the Colombian is the only Latino included in the group of superstars who will celebrate the rebirth of l to the Big Apple.

“For me, New York represents many beautiful things. In fact, it was there where I filmed my first film and I am grateful that they invited me to celebrate with them “, indicated Maluma in reference to” Marry Me “, the film that stars with Jennifer López and Owen Wilson, which will be released next year .

On “11: 11 ”, his previous tour, more than a concert Maluma offered a great show in which he fused complicated choreographies, daring costumes and short documentaries with his hits.

The The artist had to suspend that tour in March 2020, when the European part was going to begin. Even so, according to figures from the firm Boxscore, which compiles income from concert tours, Maluma raised 23 million dollars in the 36 dates that he managed to complete. The average ticket price of “11: 11 ”was 90 dollars.

The cost of the tickets for” Papi Juancho Maluma World Tour “go from 40 to 240 dollars and the first stage will extend to the main cities of the United States.

Although he refused to give names or dates, Maluma confirmed that he will soon release new songs, which will be part of his next album, whose first single is “Sobrio”.

The artist indicated that at this stage he will explore his most romantic side more deeply, “although it is a balance that I always try to maintain, because although I want to tell all kinds of love stories with my songs, I also enjoy very much urban themes, well street ”.

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