Indotel disables 13 “wiferos” and closes 45 FM stations

The Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) disabled 13 illegal internet resellers, WISP, or commonly known as “wiferos”, and closed 45 FM stations that operated outside the law, as part of the policy to clean up the radio spectrum carried out by the regulatory body throughout the Dominican territory.

The list of the Illegal internet resale businesses closed include Lora Tech, Mayi Wifi, Pineda Comunicaciónes, Rey Solutions, Service Tech Support, Tech Computer, Electrónica Corniel and Dorville Comunicaciones which operated without a legal license in the provinces of Sánchez Ramírez, San Cristóbal, Nagua , María Trinidad Sánchez, Bávaro, La Altagracia and Santo Domingo.

Indotel invites those interested in offering public telecommunications services, such as internet access, to request authorization before starting to provide them, and in the case of resellers, their registration in the special registry in the institution.

Since the last report made, the regulatory body through the control department increased the number to 45 of the closed stations that operated illegally in modulated frequency (FM) in the country.

The most recent stations closed are Montaña FM 95. 5MHz (San Juan), Plenitud FM 95. 7MHz (La Altagracia) , Radio Maimón 91. 1MHz (Monsignor Nouel), Radio Piedra Blanca 91. 9MHz (Monsignor Nouel), Fénix FM 94. 5 MHz (Santiago Rodríguez), La Sabrosa 103. 7MHz (Duarte) and Cristiana 96. 9MHz (Duarte).

These actions are part of the objectives being carried out by Nelson Arroyo’s management of bringing legality to the telecommunications sector in the Dominican Republic.

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