In Santiago it is said: social tourism in a beautiful village

You have to leave the city on weekends to throw a blow at these months of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. I had the pleasure of being in a beautiful villa, in Portillo, Samaná, this summer mansion has a special decoration, where each corner has a unique detail, with a large pool facing the sea, a huge patio with an orchard of aromatic plants that They are used for cooking, as well as the entire green area with trees of great variety and lush coconut palms. It is the beautiful villa of a bank executive, Iván Paiewonsky, well known in Santiago, belonging to the socialite here. Iván is a true gentleman, a man of exquisite tastes, who among his hobbies is preparing very exotic dishes and drinks. How many attentions for his guests, as a neighbor in this resting place he has the famous baseball player David Ortiz, who while we were in the garden, he passed by in a helicopter. He tells me that he always arrives in this aircraft, in addition one of the Viccini brothers lives in this environment and it is not for less, because Portillo is a dreamed paradise.

Iván Paiewonsky

I tell you that this Paiewonsky family came to the country For more than a hundred years, from Lithuania they acquired these lands, which today have an incalculable value in dollars, today being owners all generations, from Ivan’s grandparents and parents, his uncles and cousins, since they have built very exclusive villas and private, in a very special project.

Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is very fashionable, there are many millionaires, both Dominicans and foreigners who live or have their spaces, with very well designed houses, in this town, There are divine projects, and once I wrote about Balcones del Atlántico, where I have been on several occasions. The sea, the atmosphere and often the silence make this area a must, however I took a tour of where its squares are and I think that many have to be maintained so that this city looks more in line with its great beauty.


Then I passed by the fishermen’s siege. What nostalgia I felt. It is desolate after the fire that swept the environment. There you could eat good seafood, fish and that was part of the gastronomic tourism of Las Terrenas, for its very attractive little houses, which were built by Tourism, the first time they were burned.

Interesting trip

The trip It is long from Santiago, but if you drive with caution it is safe and interesting, although when we get to the Sombra toll, the cost is irritating, a single trip almost six hundred pesos, incredible, what abuse, otherwise it is nice to go through all those towns to reach our destination. Until next time.

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