In Santiago it is commented: Jarabacoa is still fashionable

Good Morning! Jarabacoa is still in fashion, now more so with the many real estate projects developing rapidly and many people from various countries and from here interested in buying these summer houses, have even built large mansions to live and settle there, others do mountain tourism. Recently, former President Hipólito Mejía inaugurated, with great fanfare, with the presence of President Luis Abinader, a large-scale, ecological real estate tourism project that will further help promote this area that attracts more people every day.

Solve the road

I don’t know what the government will do for road development, because the road is difficult and dangerous , Now there are more vehicles than ever passing through it, on weekends big clogs, even reckless passes and on weekdays it is chaos, how many large trucks going up and several of them that remain on the way because they cannot go up. Imagine if the brakes fail, or think about it and if it rains there are usually landslides and huge stones. It is beautiful to travel to the city of eternal spring, but you have to do something urgent with the road that leads to this paradisiacal place.

The lapidary phrase

The journalist Víctor Mañaná, who is part of the staff of our program, has great experience as a journalist and in life, he lasted more than twenty years covering the palatial source for the Listín Diario and other means, hence his great knowledge of what always happens. Mañaná always uses a phrase that he has made his own in the program in relation to what is happening in our country, he says “This turns around”, it has become so popular that other commentators use it, giving credit to Mañaná, and it is true, life turns, today you are below and tomorrow you can be above or be a potentate. I did not trample on anyone because you are in power, because you are a millionaire or because you have fame, since at any moment this turns around.


We finally started last Monday to carry out the television program from the television plant after a year and a half broadcasting on Zoom, it is the trend, but it is not the same, with these companies Telephone companies providing us with such bad service, when we were better off the signal to someone in the group was going. Doing it virtually has its advantage, because we can interview people from anywhere in the world or lead the program if we go on a trip and work from wherever we are. Until next time.

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