Héctor Acosta will make the first Christmas bonus of the year, at the Dominican Fiesta

Héctor Acosta will star in the first Christmas bonus on November 5 at the Dominican Fiesta hotel in the National District starting at 9: 00 at night.

This is a great party in which the artist will perform meringues, bachatas, ballads and boleros, informed the artistic entrepreneur Luis Medrano,

“Acosta will welcome you to Christmas and we will celebrate it with the health protocols established by the authorities by the Covid – 19. El Torito is one of our great icons of popular music, and that night he will perform the songs with which he has gained fame in the country and abroad ”, added Medrano.

The Christmas bonus will take place in the Ambar room of the Dominican Fiesta hotel and it will be the first concert he will do after exhausting an extensive tour that he is currently doing in the United States.

“The day after the concert there is no work, so they like good music, they will have two tracks to dance to their music “, said Medrano.

Currently the artist travels the 52 states of the American Union with a resounding success, their tour of the United States places it as the most important of all those carried out this year, managing to leave people out an unprecedented event.

El Torito has made successful presentations in the most important capacities such as Shea Stadium, United Palace Theater, Center Park, Canigie Hall and National Theater, among others.

Their songs s «Sin perdón» and “Con qué ojos” have appeared on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

In his solo career he has sung in duet with international singers such as Alejandro Fernández, Anthony ” Romeo “Santos, Don Omar, Jorge Celedón, among others.

Among the successes of El Torito are” What she has “,” I’m going “,” Forgive me my life “,” My girl »,« Blue Spring »,« My head hurts »” Little Sick Love “,” Maybe yes, maybe not “,” Forgive me my life “,” My head hurts “,” I’m leaving “,” If you were “, “With What Eyes” and “How I forget you”.

Also “Give yourself”, “I’m going” (with Romeo Santos), “Crazy with me”, “I send you flowers”, “In love” , “How I Cure”, “El Mujerón”, “Dominican Anywhere I Want”, “La Chiflera”, “Pa ‘Marry Me”, “Let My Brunette Come Back” and “Without You”.

With this dance that is not working the next day, those who like good music will be given the opportunity to dance on two dance floors, Medrano highlighted.

You can now buy the tickets for the different areas in the lobby of the Dominican Fiesta, in Uepa Ticket and in the Listín Diario Readers’ Club. For information 809 – 562 – 8222.

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