Great movie classics: “The Caine Mutiny”

The mutiny is a rebellion against the established order. Such rebellion implies disobedience to the chain of command.

It constitutes the crime as mutiny. This revolt is extremely dangerous, especially if it is

carried out on a Naval Navy ship, at the height of a war.

But this mutiny manages to consummate itself before a latent event (a cyclone); Therefore, it was possible that due to an atmospheric phenomenon, the entire crew could perish due to the lack of action of the commander, thus achieving the right moment for said uprising.

Here comes the big question: ¿ Was it necessary before a catastrophic event and a supposedly “insane” commander to make such a riot?

This whole event is well outlined with great performances in the movie “The Caine Mutiny” of the year 1954 and directed by Edward Dmytryk.

The plot is located in a minesweeper (Ship) named USS Caine, in full swing

of World War II.

The new commander Queeg (Humphrey Bogart) assumes command of the ship, characterized by implanting an iron discipline, in which said crew was not used to.

This new chief begins to have very rigid observations and to punish sailors for very simple behaviors, starting with Lieutenant Keefer (Fred McMurray) starting There is a conspiratorial plot claiming that Commander Queeg has delusions or mental derangements.

At a certain moment, faced with the fury of the winds of a powerful hurricane, Commander Queeg loses his sanity and sanity, and the second officer in command, named Maryk (Van Johnson), is instigated by Keefer to relieve his superior and he is confined to his cabin.

The mutiny has been consummated. For this fact, they will all have to answer before a Council of War raised by their former commander.

The conduct and circumstances in which Commander Queeg lost for a period of

time the sense of the moment, leads us to ask if the actions of his subordinates

were correct.

Now well , for the second officer in command Maryk to make the decision of the mutiny, he had to have someone who did the work of imp as an instigating entity as always happens.

That person was Lieutenant Keefer, a a kind of pseudo-intellectual who starts from the first moment to incite rebellion and try to convince his companions to take the

action of rebellion. But this individual is a cowardly and liar man who is very

in a bad way at the end of the plot, as people who hide behind a facade of double standards tend to be.

The film delineates the behaviors of each individual very well, reflecting in them the various contradictions without having someone who could be a balanced entity among all.

The performances are very good from the supporting cast; but Humphrey Bogaert’s superb interpretive demonstration is extraordinary that it is still referred to today.

Director Edward Dymtryk manages to concatenate each shot to give that climactic moment, both on the command bridge and the moment of the trial to create a maximum tension, and thus trap the spectator in their seats under a very well achieved suspense scheme.

“El Mutín del Caine” is a real bet to spend two hours of pure good cinema.

So we recommend it to this new generation who may not have seen it, and to those who could see it before, it is worth viewing it again.

Curiosities of the film:

1) The film is an adaptation of the novel by Herman Wouk, whose theatrical version had been a success in 1953 with Henry Fonda in the role of the neurotic captain.

2) It is the favorite film of the actor Maurice Joseph Micklewhite , from which he adopted part of his name as surname. We are referring to the actor Michael Caine.

3) Despite the war environment, the film made by Edward Dmytryk does not deal with any battle and does not even show the enemies facing the war. Allied navy.

It is, rather, a story of moral order, and what it puts on stage is the legitimacy of some officers when they mutinied.

4) It had a budget of two million dollars and raised a sum in excess of twenty million to the delight of its producers.

Some of the curiosities were taken from the page of cultivated

Technical Sheet:

Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)

Original Name: The Caine Mutiny

Year: 1954

Duration: 124 minutes

From the director Edward Dmytryk: Ukrainian-born filmmaker blacklisted during the witch hunt in the era of McCarthyism.

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