El Jeffrey and police officers engage in discussion about traveling during curfew hours

The merenguero El Jeffrey got involved in a discussion with police officers who arrested him for traveling during curfew hours without the corresponding permission.

When he was arrested, the singer warned the boss from the patrol: “You don’t have to stop me, because I have not committed any crime. The police have to change. Tomorrow I’m going to upload a video to Luis Abinader for that pod”.

Then he added: “We have to change. I have been a defender of you, but that cannot be. You are the ones who have to take care of us.”

The agent asked the interpreter to ” My land ”the permit that he had to carry with him, to which he replied:“ I do not walk with permission, do what you have to do. ”

When the policeman said that you should go to a detachment for violating curfew provisions, El Jeffrey responded defensively by ignoring the order and raising the glass of his vehicle.

“You are not going to take me, and or I have not done anything, arrest those criminals that you see there “, reproached the” Sing cute “.

In another part of the video, the artist was heard saying:” Those tígueres are criminals, those robbed me, and I shot one of them, I killed one of those, Polanco Gómez knows, those tígueres are criminals because they did not take them all. ”

The fact It would have occurred last Saturday at 2: 05 in the morning in Boca Chica, outside the hours to transit through the coronavirus measures that were available in the area and that worked in the country until this Monday 11 October.

Apparently the singer was let go and was not taken to the detachment.

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