“Chucky”: the evil mind of the devilish doll lands on television

The perverse mind of the “Child’s Play” doll (1988) lands for the first time on the small screen with “Chucky”, a series that premieres this Tuesday on the Syfy channel in the United States and that expands this famous and long-lived horror saga.

With Don Mancini, the creator of the saga, in command of this series, “Chucky” takes up the creepy figure of this toy that It has terrorized children and adults for decades.

Kim Garland, a Latin screenwriter and a key part of the series, told EFE that Chucky is a “very unique” villain in the world of the “slasher.”

The “slasher” is a subgenre of terror that revolves around fearsome murderers who harass and kill, one by one and usually with bladed weapons, a group of people with revenge as the usual reason .

“We are used to evil in the ‘slasher’ like Michael Myers (‘Halloween’), Jason (‘Friday the 13 th ‘), Freddy Krueger (‘ A Nightmare on Elm Street ‘), Ghostface (‘ Scream ‘) … and all of them They are big guys: they physically cut you down to kill you. But Chucky is different. He can’t physically harass you so Chucky has to be really smart and cunning, “he argued.

Garland also recalled that” a lot of people saw Chucky movies when they were very young “and that they had” intense experiences “with them.

In this sense, the screenwriter considered that part of the success of” Child’s Play “lies in that” imperishable feeling “that causes” the things that scare you when you are little “.

Familiar tastes

New Yorker and with Puerto Rican descent, Garland had a smile that her passion for The terror and the most chilling stories come from home, since he grew up in a family that ran a funeral home.

“Obviously that gave me a certain taste about the macabre, the dark and what gives afraid. Halloween is something wonderful for me, of course, “he said.

Garland defined herself as a screenwriter very focused on terror, science fiction and thrillers, so she assured that this series was the ideal project for her.

“This is a very established saga, but they are also open to new ideas,” he pointed out about “the magical and extraordinary experience” that was working on this series.

Garland also praised the attitude of Don Mancini, who, far from being too rigid or “overprotecting” the legacy of “Child’s Play”, welcomes new creators to his saga and welcomes them ” invites you to play with her “.

A Chucky for everyone

Garland insisted that one of his obsessions was that “Chucky” should be for all types of viewers, not just for fans.

This aspect is interesting since this long saga, which began with the homonymous tape of 1988, already includes eight films counting the “rema ke “with Aubrey Plaza that premiered in 2019.

Thus, the series does not require prior knowledge or be up-to-date in the universe of” Child’s Play ” instead it offers “a completely new story” centered on the character of Jake (Zackary Arthur).

This teenager from New Jersey (USA) suffers from bullying and also has problems in his family , but everything is in the background when, in search of pieces for one of his art projects, he ends up taking Chucky home without knowing the evil that this doll contains.

Garland stressed that Jake is somewhat older than other protagonists of “Child’s Play” and that also allowed them to investigate the dilemmas faced by adolescents.

He also announced that Jake, who comes from “a very dark place “In his life,” he does not move away from Chucky immediately “despite the terrible acts he commits.

Finally, the screenwriter reassured the followers by pointing out that, as the series progresses, in” Chucky “will appear some iconic characters from the saga who have been” traumatized “for decades by the scariest doll in cinema (and now also on television).

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