Carlos Silver does not give up! For the fourth time he goes for the Guinness record now from Spain

Carlos Silver does not give up. The Dominican singer will go for the fourth time for the Guinness record for the most hours singing non-stop on stage this time from Spain.

With “RD no se surrende 4” Silver will be from the 19 to December 24 the Puerta del Sol in Madrid trying for the fourth time to break the record.

Carlos Silver is in Spain from now on to prepare everything concerning the challenge that he has not met in the three times he has tried.

When you knock on door number 100 with the same enthusiasm as door number 1 and if it is necessary to knock down those that do not open for us, then there is no room for anything other than success! “, expressed Silver.

From 19 to 24 December, a good night in which all Dominicans around the world, we will be filled with national pride, we will be waving our tricolor flag, at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid , indelibly placing the name re of our country, in the pages of history, ”he reported.

The last time the Dominican singer tried to break the record was at the end of last year that although he completed the feat, Guinness did not certify it because it did not meet the established break time.

“Mr. Silver did not comply with the guidelines during the attempt of record, especially the relative to the rest breaks allowed, having been the same ones longer than what is allowed in our regulation “, determined Guinnes World Records.

To this the singer responded and said that this Once it was because several songs were repeated on the same day and that is a Guinness rule, although he justified himself by saying that every time he realized that the songs were repeated he would have them removed and he continued singing a cappella.

He also complained about the Guinness treatment explaining that according to the judges he had the failure on the second day, but they let him continue until the end without stopping. o.

Silver reiterated that: “Until I can show the world and my children that we should not give up to achieve our dreams, I will not stop.”

That was the third time that Silver tried to obtain the Guinness title, after in December of 2016 he spent four days and nine hours singing, but on that occasion there were no judges of the organization to attest to the achievement, so the record was not recorded. It then retryed it at 2019 when it was disqualified.

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