Camilo and Evaluna will become parents and they announced it!

One of the favorite couples in the entertainment world, Camilo and Evaluna announced that they will become parents.

With “Indigo” their new song, the famous young people revealed in the video that they will soon be three.

The video of the song is a compilation of the moments when they realized that they were in the sweet waiting and the reactions of their family.

With just minutes of publication, the video shared in both accounts of the artists and that between the two add up to almost 40 million followers, was filled with comments from their followers excited by the news.

It is not the first time that the couple, who got married in February of 2019, projects in their songs what happens in their relationship. An example of this is the clip of “My first time”, in which they shared images of their wedding.

The Echeverry-Montaner marriage is one of the youngest and most popular in Latin entertainment. And is that the couple arrived at the altar after a promise with God and have a love relationship since 2015.

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