Authorities intervene in family that promotes underage urban singer

Santo Domingo. RD

The Public Ministry and the National Council for Children and Adolescents (Conani) intervened so that the representatives of a girl dedicated to urban music develop the artistic career of the minor without violating her fundamental rights, nor those of the child population who listen its music.

“We explain to the girl’s mother and her artistic representative the reasons why the girl’s songs and videos violate the fundamental rights of all children and adolescents who consume her music, as well as those who participate in her music videos. ”Said the court attorney and head of the National Directorate of Boys, Girls, Adolescents and Family of the Public Ministry (Dinnaf), Olga Diná Llaverías, after a meeting that concluded with the signing of a commitment from the artistic representative.

Diná Llaverías explained that both institutions will review the lyrics of the songs and other artistic materials of the minor, in order to dismantle any inappropriate or harmful message for children and adolescents and protect the image of minors who appear in the music videos of the 11 year old interpreter.

The artistic representative recognized the importance of the content of the little girl’s songs being respectful of the fundamental rights of children and adolescents, in accordance with the legislation that governs the matter in the Dominican Republic.

Erodita Herasme, the acting head prosecutor for children and adolescents in the National District, represented the Public Ministry, together with the representative of Conani, Karina Valdez.

Conani will carry out social work in the residence of the minor, to whom he will also offer psychological support; In addition, the girl will be enrolled in different training programs, so that she can enter and grow in different areas of the artistic world.

The girl’s mother must take the Positive Parenting workshop and her representative that of Positive Masculinity, taught by Conani.

Both will also receive the workshop on Fundamental Rights of Boys, Girls and Adolescents and will be presented on the last Friday of each month before the NNA Prosecutor’s Office of the National District.

The minor’s representatives must also keep her away from content and people that could affect her healthy growth and her fundamental rights.

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