Apple warns iPhone camera can be damaged while riding the bike

Apple has warned all iPhone users who ride bikes. A new support document warns all iPhone users who attach an iPhone to a bike instead of having one. Apple has warned that the camera system could be damaged if the iPhone is attached to the bike while riding.

Apple says that “if your iPhone stays at a high frequency vibration in a certain frequency range, especially the vibration generated by the engine of a high-powered bike can impair the performance of the camera system.” The problem may be in the optical image stabilization (OIS) provided in the iPhone’s camera. Apple says the OIS system is designed for durability, but prolonged exposure to vibrations of a certain frequency can degrade its performance.

“This is the case with many large electronics bands offering OIS systems. Prolonged exposure to high-amplitude in a fixed frequency range can degrade the system’s performance and lead to poor photo and video quality,” Apple said. Apple advises that it would be better if you prevent your iPhone from being exposed to high-amplitude vibrations.

Apple says that only high-power or high-volume bikes, especially super bikes, have more vibration, which is generated by the chassis and the bike’s handle. However, even small mopeds or scooters generate low-amplitude vibrations. The company says, don’t even attach a smartphone to it. If you also have an iPhone, avoid attaching it to two-wheelers to reduce the risk of damage to the camera system.

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