Ziggy’s Restaurant Set to Take Over Dairy Queen Space in Downtown Stillwater


A new restaurant will soon take over the former Dairy Queen space on Main Street in downtown Stillwater.

David Suddeth is looking to capitalize on the popularity of food trucks with Ziggy’s Restaurant, the first food truck in Minnesota with a bar.

“We’ve been super excited to figure out what type of restaurant would do well in Stillwater,” Suddeth said. “We were looking to develop an idea that falls somewhere between the high-end establishments and the bar and grills in downtown Stillwater.”

Ziggy’s Restaurant will offer quick, affordable and high quality street food, served in a laid back and relaxing atmosphere.

Suddeth, who also owns Mallards on the St. Croix, said the idea is to change the food offerings up on a consistent basis throughout the year, using the inspiration of different food truck offerings as a rotating theme for Ziggy’s menu.

“Down the road, we’ve tossed around the idea of inviting different food truck owners from Minneapolis and Saint Paul to come in and take over our space for a day,” Suddeth said. “But we’re still looking into what that may look like.”

The idea of partnering with food trucks would bring a variety of street food offerings to local residents, Suddeth said, while attracting the fans of food trucks in Minneapolis and Saint Paul to downtown Stillwater.

Ziggy’s will also offer late-night food that will be available through the pickup window in the former Dairy Queen space.

When people look into the windows of Ziggy’s Restaurant, Suddeth said he hopes to make the restaurant’s atmosphere resemble a food truck — except there will also be a full bar, tables and seating available.

Ziggy’s Restaurant is looking at bringing wine kegs to town, a trend that is currently popular on the West Coast by offering high-end wine from a keg.

The food will be offered to go, as well as for sit down dining.

“We’re hoping to open a place downtown that will be an instant classic,” Suddeth said. “The goal is to open a restaurant that looks like it belongs on Main Street — that’s retro and classic.”

Suddeth hopes Ziggy’s Restaurant will open early this summer.

The Stillwater City Council on Tuesday will consider passing a liquor license for the space.

Ziggy’s Restaurant is currently hiring staff, so if you’re interested, you can apply at ziggysmn.com.

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