Snow Day: Winter Photos of Stillwater, Lake Elmo and Beyond …

This week’s snow storm wreaked havoc on commuters, added a few extra hours of physical labor for many homeowners and closed Stillwater Area Public Schools. But let’s be honest, it also brought a heavy dose of winter beauty to Stillwater, even if you’re tired of winter.

Here’s a few photos of the valley after Thursday’s snow storm. If you have photos you’d like to share, please submit them to Stillwater Currrent and I’ll be happy to feature them.

photo (5)

Here’s a photo from Chris Lemme’s backyard a week ago. “This is how my kids and I are making the most of winter with our backyard luge track,” he said. “It was also a way to get into the Olympic spirit.”


Sixth Street in Stillwater blanketed in fresh snow Friday morning.


When the sun came out on Friday afternoon, it made for a picturesque view of the Stillwater Lift Bridge.


Icicles hang from the Freight House in downtown Stillwater.


The sun beats down on Tin Bins in the Commander Building in downtown Stillwater.


But spring can’t come soon enough…


Downtown Lake Elmo.


I know a way out… Anyone up for a Caribbean vacation?


Snow covers downtown Lake Elmo.


Blue skies over Lake Elmo Park Reserve.


Yes, think spring…


Winter may have its grip on Stillwater, but we still have a sense of humor.