Washington County Sheriff’s Office Reminds Residents of Bear Safety Tips After Sighting in May Township

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents of bear safety tips after deputies were called last weekend to a report of bears at a home in May Township near the St. Croix River.

“Bears are attracted to homes and cabins by garbage and bird feeders,” according to the Minnesota DNR. Pet food, charcoal grills, fruit trees and gardens may also attract bears. Once a bear finds food around your home it will likely return.

“Never feed bears. They will associate people with food and may become a problem.”



Here’s a few tips from the DNR:

If a bear comes into your yard:

  • Don’t panic. Don’t shoot. Don’t approach it.
  • Learn to tolerate bears. Many bears are killed or injured when not causing problems.
  • Most bears fear people and will leave when they see you. If a bear woofs, snaps its jaws, slaps the ground or brush, or bluff charges, you are too close!
  • Back away slowly.
  • Go inside and wait for the bear to leave.

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