Washington County Sheriff’s Office Releases New Mobile App

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office recently released a new mobile app as another way to try to engage the community.

The sheriff’s office has been working for two years with Cloudspace Mobile to develop the app, Washington County Sheriff’s Commander Brian R. Mueller said.IMG_2424

“This application is the first stand-alone mobile application of it’s kind in the area specifically related to a law enforcement agency,” Mueller said. “We hope for this to be another useful tool to add to our broader community-engagement effort.”

App users can submit crime tips, view the Washington County Sheriff’s Office’s Most Wanted list, look up cold cases, access the sheriff’s office’s social media accounts and commend an officer. Eventually, the app will also offer jail bookings, press releases and get information about missing persons.

The application is available for all mobile devices and tablets on the Apple and Android platforms, via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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