Washington County Attorney Pete Orput Announces Bid for Re‐Election

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput announced his bid for re-election as county attorney late Sunday night.

Orput joined three of his metro area colleagues—Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi and Carver County Attorney Mark Metz— in making announcements for re-election bids in 2014.

All four county attorneys took office in 2011, and have forged “productive partnerships and coalitions to address public safety and criminal justice issues,” the announcement reads. Orput, Palumbo, Choi and Metz collaborate regularly, which has resulted in a “distinguished record of accomplishments.”

Each of the four first-term county attorneys have established veteran’s court or veteran’s justice initiatives, taken steps to combat the sex trafficking of children and  taken a stand against elder abuse.

Orput will be seeking his second term in office.

“I am extremely proud of the programs we have successfully undertaken since taking office in 2011,” Orput, a 27-year prosecutor, said in a prepared statement. “We have established an aggressive program fighting truancy in an effort to keep our kids in schools so they don’t end up in our criminal justice system. We have streamlined and revamped the manner in which we handle our criminal cases so that the victims of crime receive their justice in a more timely manner. We have prioritized violent and career offenders, complex crimes and human trafficking for a particularly aggressive prosecution attention and we have created a cooperative interagency unit that focuses on elder abuse vulnerable adult protection.

“In all, I look forward to building on these initiatives, and more, as I continue to dedicate my prosecution career to the citizens of Washington County.”


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