Thank You Somerset First Responders, Lakeview EMS for Being There When I Needed You Most

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for nearly 25 years now, and on Sunday morning I had my first ever diabetic seizure.

I want to thank the Somerset first responders—fire and police—as well as Lakeview Health EMS for being there when I needed them most. It’s nice to know when things go bad, this group of professionals has my back.

I was camping at the Apple River Family Campground Saturday night, and went into a diabetic seizure sometime Sunday morning due to low blood sugars. When my wife couldn’t wake me up, she called 911, and within minutes first responders were on scene taking care of me.

I want to thank the 911 dispatcher who not only directed first responders to our campsite, but talked my wife through the ways she could care for me until crews arrived. 

And thank you to the absolutely professional crew that responded for explaining to my wife what to expect as I regained consciousness, taking care of me—and laughing when the first words out of my mouth after regaining consciousness were “oh, shit.”

Once I was able to gather myself, look into my wife’s eyes and hear that I was here to spend another day with my children—I was overwhelmed, and grateful for the opportunity to slap the medic hovering over me a high 5.

That’s when my wife, without skipping a beat said, “look over his shoulder, you have a camper full of people to thank.”

So, thank you.