Stillwater’s Jackson Cates Honored with Herb Brooks Award

Jackson Cates scores against Farmington in the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament.

Jackson Cates was honored with the Class AA Herb Brooks award Saturday night at the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament.

The Herb Brooks award is given to the most qualified hockey player in the state tournament who strongly represents the values, characteristics, and traits that defined hockey legend Herb Brooks.

The head coach of each team qualifying for both state hockey tournament nominates a player for the Herb Brooks Award.

Characteristics and values nominees for the award include:

  • True love for hockey
  • Commitment and loyalty to school, team, and community
  • Willingness to sacrifice for the team
  • Integrity
  • Goal-oriented approach
  • Sharp focus and strong competitive drive
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Willingness to accept challenges
  • Mental toughness
  • Strong hockey skills
  • Strong leadership qualities

The selection committee is comprised of current and former high school hockey coaches and other hockey community members with connections to Herb Brooks. Herb’s son Dan and his daughter, Kelly Paradise, chair a committee that reviews nominations, observes nominees in state tournament games and selects the winners.

Cates scored three goals in the state tournament.

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