Stillwater Set to Become Minnesota’s Fourth Pollinator-Friendly City


Stillwater will become the fourth pollinator-friendly city in Minnesota Tuesday night.

Last fall, the Pollinator Friendly Alliance made a presentation to the council requesting that the city support their efforts to ban the use of pollinator-harming pesticides in city parks and planting areas.

On Tuesday night, a pollinator-friendly resolution will be passed as part of the consent agenda.

The proposed resolution says:

  1. The city encourages healthy environments including food sources, clean water and shelter for pollinators through existing programs and new opportunities.
  2. The city, and its contractors will consider safe alternatives to pollinator-harming pesticides, and in particular cease the use of neonicotinoid insecticides, where possible on city property. The city will also consider the use of plants or plant seeds that have not been treated with neonicotinoids in its new plantings.
  3. The city will make its best efforts to use plants favorable to pollinators and free of systemic pesticides on city land, and enabling citizens to contribute to the efforts of the Stillwater Public Works Department by planting and maintaining pollinator plantings on city property.
  4. The city will support efforts to educate the broader community about the action it has taken, the importance of creating and maintaining pollinator-friendly habitat and encourage residents and businesses to use similar pollinator friendly practices.
  5. The city  will publish a Pollinator Friendly City Progress Report on an annual basis.

The Stillwater Parks Department rarely used these pesticides in recent years, according to city records. The city has included pollinator-friendly plants in in the downtown pots this spring.

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