Stillwater Ranks No. 17 on’s List of Best Beers in the Best Cities

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Stillwater ranks 17th on’s top beer city list, 99 Beers in 99 Cities.

Stillwater ranks higher on’s inaugural list of Best Beers in the Best Cities than hop-loving cities like Fort Collins, Colo., Seattle, Wash., Austin, Texas and Madison, Wisc.

The other two Minnesota cities to crack the list are Minneapolis (22) and Duluth (45).

Lift Bridge Brewing Co. and Maple Island Brewing are big reasons Stillwater ranked so high on the list, but editors used data that helped them find cities that “spend well on quality beer, spend less on domestic macro beers and overall support dining and drinking both in the home and out on the town.”

“Economic development, tourism, talent attraction – these are all great side effects of the craft beer movement in the U.S.,” Editor Matt Carmichael said. “But at the end of the day, this is a ranking of great beers in great cities, and it sure is nice to have a cold pint of one of these 99 brews.”

Here is what Livilibity had to say about Stillwater:

“Directly across the St. Croix River from the state of Wisconsin is Stillwater, Minn., a picturesque community that is part of the Twin Cities Metro Area. Stillwater is a tourism destination thanks to antique stores, its riverfront, independent restaurants and historic sites, and the local brewery industry continues to grow. Often-visited establishments are Maple Island Brewing and Lift Bridge Brewing Co., which offers a highly-rated Lift Bridge Irish Coffee Stout.”

At the top of the list are Waterbury, Vermont, Freeport, Maine and Cooperstown, New York.

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Here’s how the list was created, according to

“We wanted places that fit three criteria: They are good places to live, they are consumers of craft beer and they are producers of the best beer around. As always, data guided our selections. The “good places to live” criteria was met by our own LivScore methodology.

The consumer data came from Esri, which helped us find cities that spend well on quality beer, spend less on domestic macro beers and overall support dining and drinking both in the home and out on the town.

And for the “best beer,” we turned to the experts: beer drinkers, reviewers and the editors at Using their “overall” and “style” scores, we found a highly-rated beer to represent the town. As with brewing, there is some craft that goes into our list-making process alongside the science.

We had a couple of additional requirements: A town had to have at least two breweries, and we chose no more than three cities per state to give us the best nationwide coverage for hop-heads.”

Stillwater is no stranger to high rankings on national lists. Here’s a few other popular lists our beloved town has made:

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