Stillwater Parking Commission Reverses Recommendation on Expansion of Paid Parking Downtown

The Parking Commission has reversed its recommendation to the City Council to expand paid parking in lots east of Main Street this year, the Stillwater Gazette reports.

Since the City Council earlier this month approved the Parking Commission’s recommendation to expand paid parking downtown, the city has received a large amount of opposition to the plan.

On Feb. 19, the Parking Commission changed course — and recommended the city not expand paid parking downtown this year.

The City Council will likely take up discussion on the issue during its March 3 meeting.

To cover the parking lot budget shortfall, Community Development Director Bill Turnblad told the Gazette, the commission’s new plan proposes:

  • An increase in monthly parking permits from $10 to $15;
  • An increase in downtown residential parking permits from $10 to $20; and
  • An increase in fines for parking tickets $15 to $25.

“One message the parking commission got from business owners was that many … were supportive of covering the cost of that shortfall without passing that cost on to their customers,” Turnblad told the Gazette. “I think a takeaway is that the parking commission and city council did hear the concerns of business owners and users of the lots and were able to find another way to fill the budget gap.”

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