Stillwater Man Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping, Sexual Assault Charges

A 26-year-old Stillwater man pleaded guilty Wednesday in Washington County District Court to kidnapping and sexually assaulting an intoxicated St. Paul teen.

Jeremiah Daniel Johnson, 26, of Stillwater, pleaded guilty to one count of kidnapping and third-degree criminal sexual conduct of an 18-year-old St. Paul woman.

Jeremiah Daniel Johnson (Submitted Photo)

Jeremiah Daniel Johnson (Submitted Photo)

According to the criminal complaint:

Johnson found an 18-year-old woman, intoxicated, passed out and incapacitated, next to a telephone pole on July 5 at the intersection of Edgerton and Case on the East Side of St. Paul.

Witnesses told police that Johnson saw the woman passed out on the sidewalk, got out of his truck, picked her up, with her arms dangling “limp and lifeless” and carried her to his truck and drove off with her inside, according to the complaint.

Based on information from witnesses, including Johnson’s license plate number, detectives with the St. Paul and Stillwater police departments were led to Stillwater, where they found the woman in the common hallway of Johnson’s apartment complex in the 1500 block of Greeley Street.

When police arrived, the woman told police she did not did not know where she was and seemed “frightened and confused,” according to the complaint. The woman told police she was intoxicated on the Fourth of July, and the last thing she remembers is watching fireworks.

Johnson told police he “wanted to help” the woman because she had sprained her ankle, according to the complaint. Johnson said the woman walked over to his truck and he helped her get in.

Johnson said the woman was “drunk” and she began to vomit. He also told police that the woman couldn’t give him her address, so he took her to his apartment in Stillwater.

Initially, Johnson denied any sexual contact, but eventually told police he “tried to do a little something, but it didn’t work.” He also told police, “we did have sex, she is 18, and there is nothing illegal about that.”

A search of Johnson’s home found evidence of sexual activity, according to the complaint. A sexual assault examination at Lakeview Hospital also found evidence of sexual activity.

Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 16.

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