Stillwater Firefighters Move Into New Fire Station

The new Stillwater Fire Department. (Photo by Tom Wieland)

The new Stillwater Fire Department. (Photo by Tom Wieland)

The Stillwater Fire Department is now operating from their new Fire Station on Maryknoll Drive.

Firefighters completed the move from Fourth Street up the hill on Aug. 29. This is the fourth fire station in Stillwater’s 143 year history.

Stillwater’s first fire station was on Commercial Street. The fire department moved to Third Street, and then to Fourth Street, where firefighters have been housed for 50 years.

A dedication, grand opening and public open house for the new Fire Station is planned during the annual Fire Prevention Week Open House on Saturday, Oct. 10.

More details about the open house are coming soon.

“We are very thankful for the support,” Stillwater Fire Chief Stu Glaser said last week. “This has been a big project many years in the making. This is something our citizens can be very proud of.”

The new $7.3 million fire station is about 25,000 square feet and features a hose tower that doubles as a training apparatus, six drive-through bays for fire trucks, an entry to feature historic items, a conference room and office space, and a bay that can be used as a smoke room for training, as well as a space to store boats and other firefighting equipment.

The new fire station will be connected to the 79,000-square-foot, $18 million National Guard Readiness Center site that will include an auditorium, classrooms, kitchen, fitness area, locker rooms, administrative spaces and a space that will be used for simulated marksmanship training.

The National Guard Readiness Center construction is scheduled to be completed next summer.

Now that the Stillwater Fire Department has relocated to their new station, Stillwater Police soon begin a renovation and expansion into the Fourth Street fire station.

The police department renovation plan comes to the tune of $1.95 million, and would expand the current 9,100 square-foot facility to about 21,000 square feet.


The plan hopes to create a better police department identity at City Hall, and provide a secure, more efficient space for Stillwater police officers and staff members to work in. The proposed renovation adds staff and public parking spaces, a better evidence storage area, public and private interaction spaces, and an expanded garage, work space and forensics lab.

Police hope to begin expansion into the fire department within the next year.

The first phase of the renovation project is to remodel the basement of City Hall with locker rooms. The second phase would be to fill in the space between the former fire station and the police department.

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