Stillwater Considers Regulating Yard Parking, Seeks Public Input

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The city of Stillwater is considering an ordinance that would regulate the parking of vehicles on front and side lawns of residential homes — and is seeking your input.

Last spring, a resident asked the council to consider regulating the parking of vehicles on unimproved surfaces in the front yard of homes, saying it is a “public nuisance of visual blight,” and reduces property values in Stillwater.

The potential ordinance would regulate parking vehicles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, boats, golf carts, and the like, on “unimproved” surfaces in front and side yards of homes.


The tentative schedule of events for the development of an ordinance addressing yard parking is:

  • Nov. 9: Planning Commission Discussion
  • Dec. 9: Planning Commission Review of Draft Ordinance
  • Jan. 13: Planning Commission Public Hearing of Ordinance
  • Feb. 2: Council Public Hearing of Ordinance (1st Reading)
  • Feb. 16: City Council Final Consideration of Ordinance (2nd Reading)

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