Stillwater Considers Adding Pickleball Courts at Staples Field, Lily Lake and Northland Park

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The Stillwater Parks and Recreation Commission will continue discussions about accommodating Pickleball on the tennis courts in Stillwater.

Since discussions began this summer to look into transforming the Staples Field tennis courts for Pickleball, city staff has looked at the possibility of creating Pickleball courts at Lily Lake or Northland Park, where there is better parking, lighting and the noise would impact fewer neighbors.

City staff has discussed dual-purpose courts with the city of Roseville, where the courts are dual-purpose, and the city provides nets, standards, balls and paddles for public use in a storage box outside the courts that requires access from the city.

The process of repairing the courts, and transitioning them into dual purpose courts for tennis and Pickleball will cost between $25,000 – $35,000. Parks and Recreation has budgeted $25,000 for tennis court repairs in 2016.

The commission will discuss where Pickleball courts may be located, and consider how to fund the court repairs and transitions to dual-purpose courts.

The Parks and Recreation Commission meets at 7 p.m., Monday, Oct. 27 at City Hall.

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