Stillwater City Council Stands Behind Vote to Plant Trees in Lowell Park


The city of Stillwater will move forward with a plan to plant trees in Lowell Park.

Volunteers will plant the trees on Saturday, Sept. 19.

A few months ago, the city was approached by volunteer to design a tree plan for the north Lowell Park area and the Browns Creek bike trail from Mulberry Street to Laurel Street.

A plan was presented to council in August that showed a four different types of trees including, 21 Red Buds along the trail, 10 Red Maples in Mulberry Circle, four Pin Oaks in Mulberry Point and 9 White Oaks in the park from Mulberry to Myrtle Street.

After looking at the plan, staff removed four of the maple trees in Mulberry Circle, because the spacing was too close, Public Works Director Shawn Sanders said. The plan was also altered to only plant 11 Red Buds along the trail because there is still some utility work remaining.

Earlier this month, the council approved $3,957 to purchase the trees.

The tree plan can incorporate changes up until the trees are actually planted, Sanders said. Tree locations will change due to the irrigation system, utility and electrical lines that are buried in Lowell Park.

Various city plans have called for trees to be planted in Lowell Park since 1992, Sanders said. Every updated version of the plan for Lowell Park since then has included planting trees.

This post will be updated soon to reflect comments made by the council and citizens during Tuesday night’s public hearing.

Lowell Park Landscaping Plan

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