Stillwater City Council Begins Working on 2016 Budget

A city of Stillwater news release about Tuesday’s Budget Workshop:

The City Council will conduct a budget work session at 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, Aug 18, in the Stillwater Council Chambers at City Hall.

Council members will review and consider all department, partner agency and community agency budget requests and all capital requests. Budget meetings are open to the public and are streamed on the web and broadcast on local cable channels.

The preliminary recommended budget would increase the City’s net tax levy by 8.38%, to $12.29 million and is based upon a review of all revenue sources and expenditure requests.

Key proposals and initiatives included in the preliminary 2016 budget include:

  • Implementing provisions in the preliminary city strategic planning report:
    • developing City economic development strategy
    • updating the City events strategy
    • implementing state performance management program
    • creation of additional key staff positions
    • completing a classification compensation study for all city positions
  • Providing payment to the Town of Stillwater pursuant to the orderly annexation agreement;
  • Election services for the Presidential election year;
  • Funding capital outlay projects, City Hall renovation/Police Dept. remodeling and Street

    Improvement program;

Development of the preliminary 2016 budget was based on the following factors:

  • Continued demand for increased services in a growing community;
  • Priority items/programs included in the preliminary strategic planning report;
  • Increased employee compensation and health insurance costs;
  • Debt service funding;
  • Maintaining core physical, technology and facility infrastructure;
  • Maintaining partner agency and community agency funding.

The City Council may conduct additional budget workshop sessions at the council’s Sept. 1 and Sept. 15 meetings.

The City Council will set a preliminary levy by Sept. 15 and will establish the December public meeting date for adoption of the final 2016 budget.

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