Updated: St. Croix River is on the Rise: No Wake Restrictions Will be Enacted This Week

A week full of rain has the St. Croix River on the rise.

On Sunday night, the St. Croix River level was at 682.08 feet  — and is predicted to rise above 683 feet by Wednesday morning, May 24.

When the river reaches 683 feet, a no-wake zone restriction is enacted on the St. Croix River from Taylors Falls to the Mississippi River in Prescott.

The St. Croix River is expected to remain above 683 feet through the weekend.

“Slow-no wake,” means the operation of a watercraft at the slowest possible speed necessary to maintain steerage, and in no case greater than five miles per hour.

The no wake zone protects boaters from flood related hazards such as floating debris and river currents, according to a news release from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The no wake zone also helps minimize damage to shorelines, levees, and islands which are more vulnerable to damage from wakes during high water events.

The National Park Service warns:

“The water is high, cold, fast, and deep: in these conditions hypothermia is a real and serious risk.

Please be aware that landings and the roads leading to them may be, or may become, submerged. Whether driving or walking, any time you encounter water over a road or trail, turn around and do not enter the water.

Watch for debris. Debris may be floating or just under the surface, and swift currents may push you into debris.

Campsites may be dangerous to access due to high water. Normal access may be underwater, and swift currents may make it difficult to pull up to shore and exit or enter your vessel.

If you must go on the water, wear a lifejacket at all times. Bring extra dry clothes in a protected plastic bag or container. In these conditions,

Let someone know your float plan. Notify that person when you get on and off the river.”

Water Levels

The average water level in Stillwater is 675 feet. The following are elevations (in feet) of various impacts due to flooding:

  • Stillwater Riverwalk becomes inundated: 678
  • Minnesota and Wisconsin may impose a no wake zone on the river: 683
  • Due to safety issues, the Stillwater lift bridge will close: 686
  • Approximate 100-year flood stage: 692.5

Flood Categories

  • Action Stage: 680
  • Flood Stage: 687
  • Moderate Flood Stage: 688
  • Major Flood Stage: 689