QuickFire Pizza’s Next ‘Make a Difference Monday’ Events to Benefit Camp Odayin, The Locals


Have you heard of QuickFire Pizza’s newest promotion, “Make a Difference Monday”?

If not, here’s the deal: Each Monday, QuickFire Pizza will choose one charity, organization, sports team, school group etc. to partner with for the day. The partnering organization will receive a check for a portion (10 percent) of that Monday’s food and beverage sales.

“QuickFire Pizza first opened its doors in October of 2012, and it is because of this wonderful community that we are a part of, that we have been as successful as we have been,” a post on QuickFire Pizza’s Facebook post reads. “It is time for us to give back!”

If you are interested in partnering with QuickFire Pizza for a “Make a Difference Monday,” stop by the restaurant, call 651.439.7009 or email info@quickfirepizza.com.