PowerUp Director receives HealthPartners President’s Award

Congratulations to Marna Canterbury, Lakeview Hospital’s Director of Health and Wellness, for receiving the 2014 HealthPartners President Award.

“Marna has been the force behind the implementation and development of PowerUp,” said Erin Bloomquist of Lakeview Hospital.

PowerUp is a community-wide youth health initiative to make better eating and active living easy, fun and popular, so that our youth can reach their full potential. PowerUp is a long-term commitment to create change over 10 years in partnership with the entire community! PowerUp is supported by a designated fund of the Lakeview Foundation in partnership with HealthPartners.

“Marna lives our organization’s values through her excellence in leading PowerUp, her compassion (and passion) for the mission of PowerUp, the integrity she displays in her daily interactions, and her immense community partnerships,” said Kristin Hoel of Lakeview Hospital. “She is conscious of families who may not believe they can afford to eat healthy, and demonstrates inclusion by working to deliver the message that it can be done. She also works in close partnership with the Valley Food Shelf to PowerUp those in need.”

Paul Erickson, Executive Director stated, “Marna’s recognition is well deserved. We’re fortunate to have her with us and are grateful to her for her leadership, vision and skill in advancing our mission of health and wellness in the community through Power Up. She’s an asset to the Lakeview Health Foundation and this community. We’re all very proud of her.”

Learn more about the PowerUp program or watch the award video here.