Possible Threats Lead to Heightened Police Presence at Stillwater Area High School


There is a heightened police presence at Stillwater Area High School Monday after district administrators were made aware of a conversation between students that included a possible threat to the high school.

Citing student privacy laws, details of the investigation were limited on Monday morning.

A student reportedly told another student not to come to school on Monday because he was “going to shoot the place up,” the Pioneer Press is reporting. A parent who overheard the conversation reported it to Oak Park Heights police.

Police and school officials identified the students involved, interviewed them and searched their homes, Police Chief Brian DeRosier told the Pioneer Press.

“We’ve worked closely with local police to investigate the issue and feel confident that it has been resolved and there is no immediate concern for the safety of our students and staff,” Stillwater Area School District spokesperson Carissa Keister said.

Stillwater Area High School parents received communications from Assistant Principal Bill Howlett on Sunday afternoon.

“This is the time of year when schools across the country see an increase in the amount of threats,” Keister said. “We take any threat seriously and follow our Emergency Management Plan to keep our staff and students safe. Even though we feel the issue has been resolved, it is our standard protocol in any situation like this to have an increased presence of police and local responders in school.”

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