Police, Stillwater Schools Investigate Assault Near Stillwater Junior High School

Police are investigating a report that a Stillwater Junior High School student was assaulted Monday afternoon just a few blocks from school.

The assault happened across the street from Fairview Cemetery on Orleans Street and Osgood Avenue.

The child was approached for a ride home from some teenagers Monday afternoon, and after he declined a ride twice, they reportedly got out and beat him up.

Here is the letter Stillwater Junior High School Principal Eric VanScoy sent to families:

Yesterday, while walking home from school, a Stillwater Junior High School student was assaulted by a group of unknown males. The incident occurred just a few blocks from school by Fairview Cemetery on Orleans Street and Osgood Avenue. 

We’re currently working with officers from Stillwater and Oak Park police departments to investigate the situation and search for the individuals involved.

The police department has released the following description of the persons involved in this incident: 5 or 6 males, ages 15-18, wearing hoods, driving an older, black Jeep Renegade with a lifted suspension.

Through the investigation we’ve learned that other incidents may have occurred in this area, and we are asking anyone with information to contact the Oak Park Police Department at 651.439.4439 or the Stillwater Police Department at 651.351.4900.

We take the security of our students very seriously and are working closely with local law enforcement to find the individuals involved, as well as to put measures in place to ensure students have safe routes to travel to and from school. 

Keeping our children safe is a community effort. Please be on the lookout for suspicious people or activity in your neighborhood and report anything out of the ordinary to local police. We also encourage families to go over safety plans with children and teens and to be extra vigilant.

The following are some important reminders to share with your child:

  • Children and teens should always be aware of their surroundings and be extremely cautious if they come into contact with any unknown persons in the community.
  • Whenever possible, students should travel in a group or with a buddy on their way to and from school.
  • Children should never get into the car of a stranger.
  • If ever a child feels threatened for any reason, he or she should contact a trusted adult immediately.

Thank you for working along with us to keep our students safe at home, at school and in the community.

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