Police Investigate ‘School Shooting’ Tweets Made by Stillwater Junior High Students

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Police are investigating two Stillwater Junior High School students who allegedly made threats of bringing a gun to school on Twitter.

A journalist in New York first alerted Stillwater police to the alleged threats after seeing them come across his newspaper’s social media analytics software that tracks any mentions of school shootings on Twitter, Stillwater Police Sgt. Jeff Stender told the Pioneer Press.

Police also received other reports about the tweets from state and federal law enforcement agencies.

According to the Pioneer Press:

One of the tweets said: “So sick of these cyberbully f—- bullying me they gonna be sorry Monday (three gun emojis) dad got a new gun.”

Three other tweets allegedly posted by the boys “spewed racial and religious hatred, another took shots at Donald Trump, and one of them was a photo where the boy’s face had been superimposed over the face of a man holding a sawed-off shotgun,” Stender said.

In a message sent to families of Stillwater Junior High School Thursday night, Principal Eric VanScoy said the students “did not have intent to harm anyone and that our school is safe.”

Here’s the message VanScoy sent to Stillwater Junior High School families:

Tonight a news article was published discussing threatening social media posts made by two of our students. I am calling to reassure you that our school is safe and was at no time in any danger.

Today, multiple outside agencies contacted both the Stillwater Police Department and me within minutes of a threatening post being made on social media. We immediately found the students and, with the help of our school resource officer, determined that these students did not have intent to harm anyone and that our school is safe.

The staff at Stillwater Junior High School in partnership with the Stillwater Police Department will continue our high level of vigilance to ensure that our school and community are safe.

The case remains under investigation.

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