Opinion: Table BOLD

District 834 Board Members,

I am writing you as a resident of District 834 with over 50 years of board experience. I am an elected Stillwater Town Board Supervisor.

Board members of any board have an overarching responsibility to be fiduciary agents of the organization. All decisions must be viewed through a financial viability prism.

The BOLD proposal may or may not be the correct decision for District 834. Unfortunately the financial supporting calculations are not transparent. BOLD is predicated on best case calculations, not worse case.

I do not believe you as board members have clear and transparent financial information at this time and therefore are absolutely not in a position to vote on this very important change. I believe Stillwater 834 School Board must table BOLD until you can honor your fiduciary responsibilities and fully understand the financial implications. If the BOLD is not tabled you must abstain. If you do not abstain you must vote no.

If only 150 students transfer outside 834 at a student funding rate of $8,000 the loss to the district is $ 1,200,000.

The real possibility exists that if BOLD passes and later fails deliver the projected cost savings voters will NOT support an additional levy to raise funds.

Supporters of the previous levy were led to believe no schools would be closed. District 834 could find itself in the position of having no additional funding options.