Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar Closes Marine on St. Croix Location


Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar in Marine on Saint Croix has closed.

News of the closing was first mentioned in a post on Marine on St Croix, Fan, Supporter & Booster Group Thursday morning.

Olive’s posted “Closed” on their Facebook page at about 4 p.m. Thursday, but later removed it.

A call to the restaurant was not answered Thursday afternoon, but Olive’s owner Jason Bailey confirmed the closing on the Marine on St. Croix Facebook Fan page.

Bailey thanked the residents of Marine on St. Croix who supported the restaurant over the years, urged people to support small local businesses and offered up the reason for closing the Marine on St. Croix location.

“The city of Marine needs to know the reason for the business decision for the future of Olive’s Marine,” Bailey wrote in part. “When we opened Olives Marine the rent was $18 a square foot. The cams, ( Taxes, garbage and sewer. ” $6.10 a square foot. Total $24.10. Four years later, the rent was $29 a square foot and cams $8. Total $37 a square foot.”

Olive’s fulfilled the lease that was up on March 31.

“My goal was to NEVER leave Marine,” Bailey wrote, “but (we) could not come to an agreement with the building owner.”

Olive’s in White Bear Lake will remain open.

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