Not Justa Bar Opens in Bayport

Steven and Barbara Meyer’s expansion of Not Justa Cafe — Not Justa Bar — opens at 4 p.m. Monday in Bayport.

The Meyers purchased the Perro Creek Tavern, which was located next door to Not Justa Cafe, last month. The space was renovated, and the menu will feature items that are not available at the café such as flatbread pizzas and pastas, along with cocktails.

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“We’ve needed to expand in Bayport for a long time,” Steven Meyer told the Stillwater Gazette last month. “There’s always a wait at the door Saturday and Sunday mornings and because we have just eight booths that (seat) four people and the counter, we can never serve larger groups. And the bar next door has had a tough go at it. It’s had four owners in the last two years, and it just seems like the perfect fit. When you walk in there, it still feels kind of country, like our small-town café.”

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