New ‘Hockey Moms’ Reality TV Show Features Stillwater’s Gwen Marty

Stillwater’s Gwen Marty is one of four women featured in a new reality TV series, “Hockey Moms.”

“Hockey Moms” is a documentary-style reality show that follows four hockey moms – Angie Goren, Shay Chamberlain, Shontel Parnell and Gwen Marty – through a youth hockey season.

The show’s first episode airs at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 26 on KSTC 45, and will run through March 5.

Gwen’s son plays in the Stillwater Youth Hockey Association.

“It will be interesting to see this program,” Gwen told the Star Tribune. “They haven’t scripted anything. They always say just do as you would normally do. Be yourself.”

More than 400 people from around the country applied to be on the show.

“We follow four amazing, diverse hockey moms through their ups and downs, documenting their struggles, obstacles and joy during their kids youth hockey season,” said John McCally, McCally-Lee Entertainment CEO and show creator.

The new series shows a range of emotion, from sheer joy to utter heartbreak as we see the major sacrifices these moms make to let their sons — and daughters — play hockey. The show will also show personal, dramatic mom stories that each of these women experience, and the deep bonds of friendships that they form.

“We think people will find Hockey Moms a very fresh alternative to other docuseries that these days seem highly scripted and inauthentic,” McCally said.  “With the relevant family and parenting stories we tell, people will be able to relate to these Hockey Moms, even if they don’t know anything about hockey.”

Gwen and her two children. (Photo courtesy of Hockey Moms)

Gwen and her two children. (Photo courtesy of Hockey Moms)